From fitness to geeky stuff, John has covered it all in pod form


Along with his on air career, John has also recorded a number of podcasts. From detailing his own path to understanding fitness and nutrition, to talking about the UFC and also popular movies and TV shows.

The Average John Fitness Podcast - This is John's story, one of a totally average bloke who had reached a plateau with the slog of going to the gym and despite his efforts, things weren't moving on - probably because he ate too much pizza still - however, a new path was to be forged as John attempts to understand Olympic lifting, macros and supersets. Its like the my first steps into fitness that we all need

Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet - A Scottish pro wrestling podcast series which is wildly popular. John appeared on the episode below.

Generic Streaming Service and Chill - John and Luke Owen from Flickering Myth talk the latest movie and tv news and review some of the biggest releases on Netflix, Prime and more. Alive and Kicking - The 90's football podcast where John popped on this episode to talk about the transition to the Premier League 



Hooked on Wrestling Podcast - 21st April 2021

Eat, Sleep, Suplex Retweet -  wrestling news podcast appearance - March 2021

Generic Streaming Service and Chill Episode 5

Average John Fitness Podcast Episode 2

Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet appearance, Oct 2020

Appearance on Alive and Kicking - the 90's football podcast