DDP Yoga hits the UK – my journey with Dallas

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Growing up I had a terrible relationship with fitness. I went to the gym, I tried, but it just didn’t click. I wanted to get fit, lose weight, feel better about myself, but it was such a slog and despite having a chef for a mother, I was pretty terrible with my eating choices. I knew something had to change and one day it did. I guess I was a bit fed up anyway of being a bit overweight in my eyes and wanted to make a change, I just didn’t know how or have the motivation, then both those things just fell into my lap.

A challenge at work to lose weight before the Christmas party was set up and I decided to take part. I had the gym membership and decided to change my diet up a bit. I made the start, but something wasn’t right here. This wasn’t working for me. I needed something different, something dynamic, something motivational and I found it.

I’ve been a wrestling fan for as long as I can remember. I grew up with the sport and its still a big part of my life now. Dallas Page was an amazing performer. His entrance and connection to the fans was something to behold, plus he had that kick ass music. I’d read that Dallas had made a fitness system called DDP Yoga and I’d heard from many sources that it was amazing. I’d never considered yoga, I always thought that it was more just sitting in poses and staying silent – which is something I’m awful at, I hate sitting still and being quiet – but digging deeper I realised it was nothing like that. I saw the video with Arthur Boorman and was in awe of how his life had changed doing DDP Yoga. Was this for real? So I started asking myself the questions. Could I do yoga? Would this work? Am I just doing this because I’m a fan and I’m hoping it works? After a while I just though, what the hell, lets do this. I got the DVD’s, a yoga mat and I was ready to go.

At the time I had no idea how this was going to go, I’d been reading about HIIT and volume training, (which I actually do now as well – props to Joe Wicks), but at the time I wasn’t ready for that. I got the discs, popped in the Diamond Dozen and there began a journey and now I’m about to write something I didn’t think I’d ever write…

DDP changed my life. Yep, you read that right. DDP changed my life. Moreover, DDP Yoga helped change my life. Dallas is inspirational. He’s Positively Page and that ain’t a joke. For the first time in ages I was motivated to exercise. This wasn’t what I expected at all. The use of dynamic resistance and using your body as the catalyst to help burn fat and build lean muscle was amazing. Forget pumping iron and having to wait for sweat drenched machines at the gym, I’m working out in front of my TV and after that first week DAMN I felt it. Combining the workouts, ensuring my diet was on point and actually enjoying what I was doing was really helping. I felt stronger, better, fitter and began to achieve the goals I wanted. I don’t think my friends believed me at first when I said I was doing yoga, but it became a part of my daily routine. Over the first year of doing DDP Yoga, I lost three stone, dropped a shirt size and felt way better. Confidence about my body went up and I felt amazing. Four years in and I’m still doing it. Mixing it up with HIIT and GVT thanks to The Body Coach and I’m loving working out which I didn’t think I’d ever say.

In September I’m getting to workout with the man who genuinely had a massive impact on my life and this will be fun. DDP is hitting the UK on tour through September. I know thousands across the UK are fans and also DDP Yoga users and experiencing a workout with the man himself will be something special. Genuinely I never thought I’d write this or even be in this position. Growing up I was at the chippy most weeks, now its a real treat.

Check out the dates with the link below and get tickets here. I’m at the Manchester date, I’ll see you there and feel the BANG!


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