WWE Draft on Smackdown LIVE – brain spill

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Draft time and these are my real time thoughts as Smackdown was being broadcast…

Its Smackdown Live and its LIVE! No, really it is, they can’t edit out the botches now, so come on lads and ladies, lets not mess it up. Its D Bry’s first night on the job and time to split em up. Lets run it down.

The first overall pick is going to be the big one. Raw gets it, so Mick Foley needs to make his mark here. So err Mick didn’t get his chance to actually pick anything, Steph interfered when it sounded like Mick was about to pick Roman, but its all about Seth ROLLINS!!!

D Bry & Shane with the big drum roll and Shield member two is up, Dean Ambrose is on Smackdown. The talk is of the title, its so getting split

Pick two, its to Raw and its Charlotte. Women are hitting Raw, but AJ is coming to Smackdown, they’re out of the gates with the big hitters. Is this it for The Club?

Raw dips into NXT first! Its Finn! Balor Club is coming to Raw on Monday night. Will he replace AJ in the club or will the Demon rise on Raw? HHH is a fan, we know this & Balor has a big reputation. Finn v Seth? Yes please.

Cena beats Gallows – The Club are so winning on Sunday, next Champions v Challengers as Rusev & Miz… ah not bothered.

Whoa! The picks came first. We’re back to the draft. Mick is to pick and he’s picked Roman Reigns… he’s still banned. He says Steph won’t be happy and the crowd weren’t either.

Cena comes to Smackdown as rumoured. “The face that runs the place” says Shane. Crowd didn’t care.

Foley is showing 0 charisma. Brock Lesnar is on Raw?! Ok, but he’s hardly there and don’t ask him to wee in a cup right now.

Smackdown gets Randy Orton, if his shoulder doesn’t fall apart at Summerslam.

The New Day (and the tag titles) are staying on Raw & the crowd seem flat, is everyone ok?

The Challengers pick up the win and as much as I love Ryder, I just don’t care about the secondary titles. Miz has been doing his best work in years, but still. MEH.

Xavier v Bray next. “The first family of fear” Mauro Ranallo introduces the Wyatt’s in a more convincing manner than Cole, JBL, Lawler et al have done since they debuted. Xavier is so good being incredibly scared of Bray and equally Bray was brilliant being sinister and creepy. THIS is how The Wyatt’s should have been handled from the start. Great win for Bray. I really think the Wyatt’s need to win at Battleground, its time they came out of a feud on top.

Draft round 3 and Steph brings Sami to Raw. Ain’t she nice? So KO goes to Smackdown? Nope its Bray Wyatt, will the family come with?

Sasha comes to Raw, she’s bound to be set to take the title off Charlotte in my honest opinion, then (please) feud with Bayley.

Becky Lynch goes to Smackdown… oh.

Y2J is sticking around and will be on Raw. Drink it in friends, drink it in. So far, 5 picks from NXT still are available.

Back to the draft and Raw takes Rusev/Lana, so the US Title is (currently) on Raw. Now The Miz is on Smackdown with the IC Title and it was Bryan’s NXT mentor who he brought in. Brilliant, they can have fun with that.

KO gets his show at last. Owens is on Raw. Owens v Balor v Seth. Bring it.

Baron Corbin he’s on Smackdown down, will the Lone Wolf do anything here other than feud with Ziggler.

Enzo & Cass head to Raw, which is ace. They’re so over its not even funny, they belong on Raw,

Gallows & Anderson to Raw so The Club has split… Hmm,

Smackdown head to NXT for American Alpha. These boys are next level. Believe, ready, willing and Gable.

Raw get the Big Show and the world doesn’t care.

Ziggler to SD and Nia to NXT. Guess this means that heyyyy we’re not going to get any Bayley 🙁

The final five pics start with Neville coming to Raw. He’s back and great to see him on the big brand. Saw Neville v Balor on a house show. Hell of a match, they can repeat that for sure.

Natalya goes to Smackdown and will continue to fight Becky Lynch forever.

Cesaro to Raw, yes for the Swiss Superman. Hopefully, he’ll get a meaningful programme.

Del Rio to Smackdown, will Paige follow?

Sheamus is on Raw… and was in TMNT 2, but you knew that. Rest of the picks on the network and its MAIN EVENT time!!

Another fun, hard hitting match with Rollins and Ambrose ended in a clean finish. I know, no-one expected that right? So its still one big title… until Sunday. Will there be a change then? Who knows. Smackdown Live has been fun. Mauro Ranallo makes it a great experience to listen to on commentary. He calls moves by their actual names, its amazing!

Until tomorrow with a full draft check up.

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